I run because I can!

Many people begin running but quickly give up for various reasons such as muscle aches, difficulty breathing, or a lack of motivation. In addition, many people get into running believing that they will excel at it, but you can’t achieve greatness all at once. It takes time to build your endurance, stamina, and mental fortitude to keep moving. Learn to appreciate running and enjoy the benefits. Here are 8 different tips that will allow you to run further and make it more enjoyable:

  1. Chose proper running shoes.Proper fitting running shoes is the foundation to your running. Your going to spend a lot of time in them, so you want to make sure they are something that feels comfortable on your feet. Know the difference in your arch as it compares to shoe style.  Drop in to a running shoe store and get your foot assessed to get guidance toward the right shoe.
  1. Chose proper running attire.We all like the active shorts and shirts, but let the weather dictate what you wear. Always chose a dri-fit material that will allow sweat and moisture to be wicked away from the skin. Wear a hat on hot sunny days and knit cap on colder days. Pick out clothing that won’t cause you to chafe, because we all know that puts a damper on anyone’s parade.
  1. Check your running form.Most people give up due to injuries related to an improper running form. Seek advice and alter your form to improve your efficiency. You don’t want to do it drastically; your body needs time to catch up. A bad machine does not perform well, that goes for your body too.
  1. Increase your running distance.You don’t have to start out with running 3 miles. Run more times throughout the week while increasing your distance. If you run 1 mile Monday and Wednesday, try running 2 miles on Friday. Chose a level that works for your ability and slowly you will start to increase your running distance. In addition, you will be surprised by how comfortable you will begin to feel.
  1. Run intervals.One way to get your mileage in and not get bored is to do intervals. Interval running allows you to change up your running speed and distance while allowing you to reach your goal mileage by the end of the week. In addition, you will also start to see an increase your endurance and stamina, which is key to comfortability. Start off with a set of 200m sprints coupled with some 400m runs and see what a world of difference that will make within your ability to run farther faster.
  1. Run hills.Incorporating hill sprints or runs into your workout can strengthen your entire body with emphasis on legs and core strength. You can build stamina and turn-over speed for those last meters in your run. If you ever see a person compete in a 5k and sprint the last 200 meters, there’s a good chance that that person runs hills.
  1. Improve your core.One of the best ways to improve your running form is to strengthen your core. Your core plays a vital role in performance. You will find that when you have a strong core will have better control over your balance, posture, and stability when running.
  1.  Warm up and  Cool down.The warm up and cool down are equally important. When you warm up your body, your increasing your blood flow, flexibility, and the range of motions within your muscles. Try running 200m with dynamic stretches for your warm up. After your workout a cool down will help you gradually reduce your heart rate, cool down your body temperature, and return your muscles to their optimal state. Try jogging a 400m at a moderate pace and stretch out those muscles and your core.

Overall running is a process and it definitely takes practice. You won’t conquer it overnight but if you work at it, you will be successful. When it starts to get hard push through. Your body can handle it, just give it more credit.

-Coach Roshaun

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