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Personal Training

Accelerate Your Progress: Real Results, Faster. Partner with our expert coaches to fast-track your fitness journey with personalized programming, dedicated attention, and the accountability you deserve at TheVFit.


Featuring mid-size group classes that incorporates Cardio, Weightlifting, and Bodyweight exercises. Say goodbye to guesswork as this program is designed to optimize your results while simplifying your fitness journey. Each workout is carefully programmed and easily modifiable to ensure you attain your goals while enjoying the process.


Boot Camp

Tailored for weight loss and toning. These small group classes are uniquely crafted for maximum results. With a focus on light weights, cardio, and core exercises, every day brings a fresh challenge to help you achieve your fitness goals quickly.


Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training program is the perfect blend between 1-on-1 Personal Training and Small group training (2-4ppl) Attaining your goals with others keep you motivated, accountable, and enjoying the process.


Nutrition Coaching

Our motto is, “you cant out train a bad diet”. We make it easy, think personal training but with nutrition. Our nutrition program is 1-on-1 where we listen, evaluate, then put into action a plan specifically for you to achieve your goals. Everything we do we aim to teach, and this program is no exception.


It’s time to INVEST IN YOU!

We have a fitness solution for every budget.


We know success lies in crafting a personalized plan to achieve your goals. Click the button “learn more” to discover all of our membership options and see exactly why TheVFit is right for you in attaining your goals and living your best life possible.  We’re eager to meet you and kickstart your journey to success together!

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