Why CrossFit?

Why CrossFit?

Six years ago I came into contact with this new fitness craze called “CrossFit” and it changed my life. My first encounter with CrossFit was different than most within my gym I was a personal trainer with a one track mindset; machines, machines, machines. Working in a big chain global gym setting, I was not taught about functional movements. Instead I was taught on how the machines could enhance someone’s physical look not necessarily their overall fitness. At first I was content with this notion of fitness but after a while I was seeking more for my clients. That’s when I ran into CrossFit.  The first time I tried this new fitness program I had the same thoughts that most people have, where are the machine? Where’s the air condition? And what exactly is the purpose of this? As my peers and I went through a workout it became apparent that what I was doing with my clients was nothing compared to a typical CrossFit class.

CrossFit is built with a “help first” mentality. As a CrossFit Trainer I have seen and trained people with lost limbs, overweight, athletes, and people that just want physical competence throughout the day.  It doesn’t matter what your goal is, CrossFit will get you there.  CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity”. Now what does this mean? Let’s break it down.

Constantly Varied – Different movements every day. This can be the rep scheme, movements, and equipment.

Functional Movements– Movements that we use in our everyday life, such as a squat which is like sitting down and standing up or a deadlift that resembles picking an object up off of the ground in a safe manor. Even as a clean and jerk in which it resembles having a heavy box that needs to be picked up and placed onto a shelf that’s overhead. We do functional movements well and we do them safety.

High intensity– Everything that we do is measurable by time, rounds/reps, or weight. Intensity is a variable that’s dependent upon the individual and can be tracked by setting bench mark workouts. For example, if the first time I do the bench mark workout “Fran” I finish in 7:45 and let’s say the next time I perform the workout I finish in 4:24 then my overall threshold has changed and my intensity level has been raised.

How does this relate to getting you to your goals you may ask? CrossFit isn’t just a great workout program: it is LIFE. Everything we do within a CrossFit class directly relates to the real world such as mindset, community, and the ability to be overall good at anything you may encounter. If your wanting to lose weight and tone up, you have everything you need; your strength training, cardio, nutritional guidance and body weight movements. It raises your heart rate, builds lean muscle, burns fat, energizes, educates, and provides the best fitness community available to help keep you accountable. If you are an avid athlete CrossFit will have a similar effect by providing you with the strength and conditioning training to overcome your opponents in any sport you may play. We have had baseball, football, basketball, wrestling and track & field athletes do our CrossFit program and benefit greatly from the explosiveness, strength, flexibility, coordination, and strength training that CrossFit brings. If you’re already doing CrossFit great, you are on the right track to becoming the best you could possibly be. Make sure you stay as active as you can, use what is taught within class in the real world, and enjoy every day as if it were your last. Remember each workout is to make you better and to live a healthy fun filled lifestyle.  If you are reading this and have not tried CrossFit or have been timid to try it, make it a point to try it out, I’m sure it won’t disappoint. A common reaction I get from a prospect client is “I have to get in shape to do CrossFit”, that’s not true. We take you as you are and coach you to become better. We will see where your fitness level is through various assessments and modify movements/ workouts as needed. Just remember CrossFit is for everyone and our job is to help you succeed within completing your goals.

Coach Archie

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