Kids and Teens at "The V"


Kids at “The V” (ages 7-10)


Our Kids at “The V” program is designed to build a solid foundation in fitness and nutrition within the kids lives.  Our goal is to teach kids the importance of fitness and nutrition in a fun and interactive environment, with the use of  workouts, games, and motivation.  They will focus on eight of the ten aspects of fitness including cardio respiratory endurance, coordination, balance, endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, and agility. At this age they will be introduced to low weights and proper technique and form as well as proper gym etiquette and good sportsmanship.

This class is for kids who play sports and need conditioning in the off season as well as kids who may be sedentary and need a healthy fun outlet. Your kids will learn to love fitness, eating healthy and living a fun interactive healthy lifestyle.




Teens at “The V” (ages 11-15)


The Teens at “The V” program is designed to take their foundation of fitness and ramp it up a notch. Each class will challenge them to improve their weaknesses and become more well rounded. At this stage they will be introduced into strength training by using many different elements such as dumbbells, resistance bands, and some odd but fun objects.  We will always have fun however unlike the Kids at “The V” program this class will not be full of workout style games but instead an actual fulfilled workouts.

This program is for everyone the athletes and the non athletes.

Benefits to your teen:

  • Improved Performance- your teen will improve his/ her fitness capacity by improving power, strength, coordination, flexibility, and cardio
  • Nutrition- Your teen will continue to understand the importance of proper nutrition in relation to athletic performance
  • Constanty varied workouts- everyday will be something new so that they will never get board and will continue to see progress within their performance and physical appearance
  • Technique- proper form and technique is the staple for any movement without it injuries occur. We teach proper form and technique above anything else, so that your teen will stay safe and progress well.