Camp Fuse

60% Boot Camp + 40% Cardio = 100% Fuse 

 Fuse your way to a healthy lifestyle!

Fuse is a program that incorporates aerobic training, core strength and body weight exercises. Fuse works to improve the cardiovascular system while targeting the key elements in aerobic training to get you to shed weight and tone up quickly. The key elements of this program uses high and low intensities that will offer many benefits to the individual. Benefits can be seen within improvements of the respiratory system, cardiovascular efficiency, resting heart rate, efficiency of movement, muscle strengthen, and tendon/ligament strengthen. In addition, athletes will experience an improvement of the body’s ability to use fat as an energy source, as well as, a better body composition as fat is reduced. 


Sample week : 

Day 1- Upper body or Lower body focused on Muscular endurance/ strength

Day 2- Aerobic Training focused on cardio drills/ technique

Day 3- Circuit training


Each day/ week will be different than the previous day/ week to ensure muscle confusion for proper advancement towards your goals.