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Be Happy, Be Courageous, Have Fun!

Here at “The V” we believe in becoming the best version of “You”. Our goal is to provide all of the necessary tools to help individuals  within Powder Springs, Marietta, Austell, Hiram, Villa Rica, and Lithia Springs area live a healthy lifestyle. The V: Premier Group Fitness is a family, we are unique and diverse, yet we strive for the same goal to become the best version of “You”.  We believe in having fun while getting fit. We provide many different programs including CrossFit, Yoga, Fuse, and Personal Training. Each program provides different challenges that will drive you closer to your goals.

At our gym you are the Machine

Our exercise programs are bases upon functional movements. Meaning every movement we do you can use in real life situations. So time to get off of the machinery and get better at life, you are the MACHINE.

We believe in “You”

We know that everyone is different, have different circumstances, and different limitations. Some individuals are athletes looking to improve their fitness level while others are have been sedentary and now ready to make a change. Either way we have a program for you. Our trainers are world class and believe in “you” even when you may not believe in yourself.

Best fitness community EVER!

Our trainers and instructors make knowing you a priority. You will be greeted by name and our community will make you feel at home. We often have events for our members to not only provide a different fitness experience but also to meet others and make new friends.

How to get started?

Schedule your No-Sweat Intro

Sit down with one of our trainers and create a plan of action to achieve your goals


Pick your Program

Utilize our trainers advise to choose the program that best fits your needs


Get moving

Its time to have fun, let go, and accomplish your goals