Relaxation, Peacefulness, and a whole lot of Fun!

Yoga at “The V” is a low-impact fitness program that helps its practitioners develop a connection with their bodies through mindful movements. Our yoga programs help develop strength and flexibility, reduce stress, improve sleep, and cultivate mindfulness. We have programs for everyone (beginners and experienced) to enjoy.


Class Types

Rise and Shine: Energizing Flow

Begin your morning with a stimulating flow to set you up for success for the rest of the day! This all-levels class offers a slow warm-up into an energizing sequence that will leave you feeling balanced and ready to take on the world!

Explore your Core
 Your core, the place from which your power originates. This class will focus on building strength in the core through yoga postures and other helpful movements. Strength developed here will help bring stability to the rest of your yoga practice and every day life.
Strengthen and Lengthen
For healthy beginners and experienced students alike, this gentle flow provides a safe and supportive environment to establish or deepen your grasp of the yoga principles.
Foundational Flow
Great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this class will reinforce foundational concepts such as breath, alignment, and engagement. New students will learn excellent technique from the ground up while students with more experience will be able to refine and enhance their practice.
Yin/ Restorative

Skip your massage & unroll your mat here! Each posture is held four to five minutes utilizing props or unique, gentle variations to encourage deep, muscular release.  While the physical body unwinds, the energetic body sheds the effects of pent-up stress.



Nicole began her yoga journey in 2006, looking primarily for a new way to move her body. She quickly recognized the more subtle benefits of yoga, such as a more peaceful disposition and a deepened spiritual awareness. As a result, yoga soon became a lifestyle rather than an exercise routine. Feeling drawn to share the gift of yoga with others, Nicole completed her RYT-200 certification with Cindy Olah in 2016. Nicole’s personal practice is strongly rooted in Ashtanga; this is reflected in her classes, which are primarily vinyasa-based.
In teaching yoga, Nicole seeks to act as a conduit through which students can find their inner teachers – emphasizing the breath and self-acceptance, as well as playing with the edge of discomfort to encourage growth and connection with their own bodies.


Nadia’s yoga journey began at a very young age.  It all started when her mother taught her the power of deep, relaxing breathing as a small child. These techniques paired with a growing understanding of the power of personal balance helped lessen the impact of stress in her life as a Type A personality. As an active person, she found asana practice a natural addition to her regular routine between things such as dance, tennnis, and golf.  Through the evolution of her practice, she became drawn to the yoga of being present beyond postures alone, finding peace in balance instead of the illusion of personal validation through perpetually being busy.


During grade school Cristina found her love of dance which led her to study abroad in Mexico for five years majoring in Performing Arts.  Her background in dance has helped guide her down a path of healthy living and a love for movement of the body.  She began yoga due to a low back injury this allowed her to delve more into the philosophy of yoga. Her passion grew steadily, realizing that yoga was so much more than poses and soon later enrolling within a teacher training program.

Cristina believes that yoga is about becoming a better person within life, coming to terms with being a human being who is flawed but perfect in all ways and that this, in and of itself, is a constant daily practice.  She believes that being still and being calm even in the most seemingly difficult of situations is what everyone needs, so that they will find inner peace and understanding for themselves and those around them.

Cristina’s teaching style is relaxed with a concentration on mental focus and letting go through the work of the “breath”.  She believes that going back to the basics is where we find that “breath”, and if we allow ourselves to grow with it we can allow our breath to take us deeper into our practice and take our minds and bodies to spaces it has never filled.