Kids and Teens Kickoff

 Welcome to the start of a new era.

At The V: Premier Group Fitness we believe that kids are the future. With cell phones, tv, and video games more kids than ever are living sedentary lifestyles, which are resulting in serious health related issues. Our aim is not only to get kids moving but to also teach them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. For our athletic kids, we aim to increase their physical capacity across all domains of fitness. This will prepare them for any physical task that they may encounter. Whether your kid or teen is new to fitness or is playing a sport they will improve their physical fitness level, communication skills, and knowledge of proper nutrition.

Kickstart with a family fun day

(October 28th @12 pm)


Family Fun Games

Kids/ Teens fun exercises (starting @1pm)


Meet Instructors for Kids/Teens program

Win Prizes